riverThe LCWS Foundation started as a small group of experts two decades ago in an effort to preserve, protect, and enhance rivers, green spaces, and wildlife across Canada. Their early efforts has blossomed into an initiative fostering community stewardship. Volunteers and local residents meet on a regular basis to participate in educational programs, water and environmental assessments, agricultural replenishment, and ecological mapping and data collection, to name a few.

We partner with a number of like-minded organizations to expand our efforts. These include Canadian businesses and organizations who support our work and collaborate with us. Together, we protect our critical ecosystems and we establish models that can be expanded worldwide. It is important that we share our know-how with organizations beyond Canada. Small efforts, when replicated, will create massive impact for generations and communities to come.

LCWS understands that securing a sustainable environment is only possible when we attack the underlying social and economic causes. That’s why we serve as a critical facilitator by bringing people from all walks of life to champion the real value of our environment and well-being. Over the years, we have been a huge part of many great conservation successes and we intend to continue to take positive steps toward protecting Canada and the world’s most special places.

The Foundation supports projects large and small that encourage and support regional communities to live sustainably and promote biodiversity. Our projects are broad in range but have the same conservation goals. We are particularly interested in key issues affecting communities. Our environment and conservation grants can be accessed on our grants database. Potential applicants should visit the Apply for Grants page to find more information about current funding opportunities.